Class Projects

GUNPLAY: Impractical Conflict Resolution

Compete in elaborate and unnecessary duels that test simple puzzle solving skills and quick reactions.

Charged Up

Run, jump and smash your way through this fast paced action platformer set in a dystopian retro-future.

GEL Lab Work

Nuclear Science

Explore the vast and complex scientific table of nuclides in this iPad game that makes the scientific process exciting.

Criminal Procedure

Play a police officer as they investigate crimes. But be wary of the legality of each situation as you gather evidence.

Game Jam Games

Space Eater

Eat asteroids to grow your planet bigger and cuter
(Ludum Dare 34 - 41st overall, 11th "most fun")

Caravella's Critical Crisis

Deal with domestic chaos while trying to beat that game you've been trying to make time for.
(Giant Rom 2 - 1st place)

Come Sahil Away

Burn the bad-dudes with eye-lasers in the name of saving the environment (or at least, that one whale).

Trail Blazers

Compete with friends in this experimental 3D take on Tron's LightCycle Sequences.