Trail Blazers

Development Length: 2 days
Role: Gameplay Programmer
Tasks: Created player controller,
setup split-screen system and game 
manager, setup controller support

Trail Blazers is a split-screen local multiplayer game that is similar to the LightCycle game from Tron, but in 3D space. It was made over the course of a weekend, as part of regular Game Jams my coworkers, friends and I ran over the summer of 2014 (a time when a lot of us were working on games for our day jobs, so it was an exciting three months). It ended up playing well and is genuinely fun and competitive despite how simple it is.

I worked on implementing the ship controls, the controller input setup, the split-screen system, and the game manager to track who won or lost. 

**The game doesn't have any sounds, but for effect, we recommend playing "Guile's Theme" or "Ride of the Valkyries" on loop in the background**