Come Sahil Away

Development Length: 2 days (+ a few more for polish)
Role: Programmer
Tasks: Player controls, Enemy 
Behaviour, Controller Support,
Simple "Game Loop", Sounds, 
Particle Effects

Come Sahil Away is a goofy little game jam project I worked on with a co-worker named Chris. He's a programmer, but likes to draw goofy doodles, so we decided to build a game around his silly art style. As such, he mostly worked on art and some scripts for animating things like the water, and I did most of the gameplay coding. We were pretty happy with the game after the weekend, but hadn't had time to add any sounds, so we recruited the sound dude we worked with to help us record a bunch of sound effects and music, acapella style. Then I spent some time implementing the sounds and some polish stuff like particle effects and screen shake before uploading it.