Bachelor's In Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University: May 2015        GPA: 3.30

With a specialization in Game Design


BI Developer @ General Motors

Working with a Data Warehouse, manipulating and analyzing large quantities of data stored in Oracle, Teradata, and Hadoop systems Processing, transforming and loading data from source locations into GM Data Warehouse Creating & maintaining Views and Data Structures to accommodate analytics efforts Creating Visualizations using Tableau, Cognos, PowerBI, and GM in-house software solutions Gathering requirements and defining key metrics for analytics Supporting projects including Maven Ride Sharing, OnStar, and GM Global Contact Centers

Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab @ MSU
Game Programmer: Summer 2014 - Fall 2015

Working with a group of students designing and developing video games for clients including a police-procedural adventure game for the Michigan State University Law College, an iPad game about nuclear physics for the NSCL, and (briefly) an exercise-bike game for NASA
Working with Unity3D; implementing new and improving existing game systems (mostly in C#)
Creating games for personal computers and mobile devices.

Game Design Specialization @ MSU
Game Programmer: Fall 2013 - Summer 2015

Working with other students to develop four 5-week, and two 15-week games, in teams of 4-8
Programming systems related to networking, AI, physics, player input, and camera control
Learning to makes games using Unity3D through experience
Working with a game studio to develop a product to their standard.

'Spartasoft' Game Design Club @ MSU
Club Member: Fall 2012 - Present

Learning about the game development process from current and past MSU students
Participating in semi-regular (1 or 2 per semester) 48-hour Game Jams
Giving a few talks about game programming and design subjects

MSUFCU Refer-A-Friend Website
MSU CSE Capstone Project: Fall 2014

Working with clients from Michigan State University Federal Credit Union to design and implement a Refer-A-Friend Website along with three other Computer Science Seniors.
Designing Website to work well on desktop as well as mobile platforms.
Integration with Twitter and Facebook to allow users to easily share referrals.
Tracking usage information and creating a Management page for MSUFCU Employees.

Emergent Systems
Software Intern: Summer 2012, 2013

Working on database management software “Auros”
Writing, editing, and formatting help documentation

Intramural Sports and Fitness Centers @ MSU
Student Tech: January 2012 - May 2013

Maintaining/Repairing Computers for campus rec sports department
Troubleshooting and fixing issues with the network and individual computers
Setting up/repairing kiosk machines
General computer Aid when necessary


Proficient with:

Visual Studio

Familiar with: